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Metropolitan Coal Company - your only source for a fast, affordable and convenient way to buy coal online.  Whether you need to buy coal to heat your home, blacksmithing (we have the best smithing coal for sale), educational purposes, decorative or novelty purposes, or anything else, we are here to help. 

This site is set up to be basic and easy to use.  Order online below or call and we will take your order over the phone and answer all your questions.  If you don't see an option here that works for you, or want to buy a HUGE amount of coal for industrial use, call us at 1-703-477-6412 or email us at and we will arrange send you the size, type and amount of coal for sale you need, fast and at a fair price.  

SHIPPING COAL IS COMPLICATED!  We simplified it for our loyal customers.  ALL SHIPPING IS FREE - it's included in the price you see.
You will have your coal in 3 to 5 business days

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Box of Rock Coal $29
(around 25 anthracite coal hunks the size of  tangerines and baseballs) Great stocking stuffer.
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Anthracite Coal or Bituminous Coal?
Both are good for heating and blacksmithing. 
Bituminous is easier to start and work with
Anthracite burns hotter with little or no smoke (good for residential use) but is tougher to start without a torch, unless your run a mix with the bituminous
We recommend buying equal amounts of both to tackle any job and burn a mix (see blacksmith kit below)


250 Pounds Coal.  Half (125 pounds) Anthracite, Half (125 pounds) Bituminous Soft Coal
$299 total price (includes the cost to ship 250 pounds to you in 2 to 3 days!)  
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Best Seller - Most Economical - Lasts Longest - 
coal variety tackles any job with any equipment set-up 
and gives an opportunity to run a mix 

                                    ANTHRACITE ONLY HEATING & BLACKSMITHING KIT

                 250 Pounds of ONLY Anthracite Heating and Blacksmithing coal. Nut sized.  $299 includes shipping



                                              45 Pounds of Anthracite Coal For Sale - Nut size $75 with shipping


45 Pounds Bituminous (soft coal) 


100 pounds of Anthracite coal for sale - Nut Sized Shipping Included  
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100 Pounds Bituminous (Soft Coal)

$139  Click Below  TO BUY COAL



  5 Hard to Find Large Hunks of Anthracite Coal:  $69
(please note the quarter on the bottom right for scale)

perfect for decoration, educational reasons, heating on hunting & camping trips or carving for art and jewelry
OR for someone that doesn't deserve a regular size lumps of coal for Christmas - they deserve these size lumps of coal


One Huge Hunk of Anthracite Coal for sale.  Very Heavy and about the size of a football or Shoebox.  Good for art, decoration.  Due to new EPA regulations shutting down our supply mines, quantity is very limited this year.  $95 with Shipping.  Click below to buy coal

Shipping 3 to 5 business days in the continental USA.  Call for Rush orders

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Coal for sale:  A closer look at our products

 With the exception of our bituminous coal for sale we sell Anthracite.  When you buy coal that is anthracite you can be sure that it is the highest quality coal for sale.  It contains the most carbon and the least amount of sulfur and other impurities.  Often the carbon content exceeds the 90 percent mark depending on where the Anthracite coal was taken from.  Other types of coal, including bituminous coal and lignite don't burn as hot and tend to be brown and smudge your fingers when handled. Whereas our anthracite coal for sale will shine brilliantly should you choose to wash and display it.  Take a look at our images page for pictures or our  Video Page where there is a video on Anthracite.