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There are many different types of coal that come in all sizes shapes and forms.  For our purposes here, we are going to focus on Anthracite, because, with the exception of the shoebox sized hunk (which is Cannel Coal) that is what we like to sell.  

Why Anthracite?

Because it is hands down the best option when choosing a coal for sale.

The more carbon in coal the hotter and cleaner it burns.  Soft bituminous coals typically contain about 70% carbon, while the rest of it is made up of things like sulfur and water.  Common brown lignite coal only contains about 30% carbon.  When you burn these types of fuel, they have a tendency to smoke and give off a very strong odor that many cannot tolerate.

Typical Anthracite is about 85% carbon burns at a very high BTU.  A BTU is a standard measurement of heat.  For heating using a coal stove or fireplace insert, Anthracite will burn hotter and longer than other coal, wood or pellet fuels.  Furthermore, the clean burn does not produce creosote build-up in a chimney. 

There is also a factor that it is safe for the environment due to the low volatile content and low sulfur.  It shows an insanely hot, yet subtle, beautiful blue flame and produces no smoke whatsoever.  It does have a distinct smell, but it is by no means foul.  

These qualities make Anthracite popular for heating homes, as well as for blacksmiths.  For more information check out our video section where we can show you what anthracite looks, feels and burns like.  

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